Our Clients Make It Happen

Our clients come from various fitness backgrounds from the “never done it before” to the “been doing it but would like to see better results.” We appreciate all that they bring to our fitness community – their optimism, sense of camaraderie, their tastes in music and their dedication to helping themselves and their workout buddies be better every time they come to class. SLHF wouldn’t be here without you! Thank you.

What SLHF Clients Experience Throughout Their Training

“Never in a million years did I think I would do a Boot Camp Class — especially at 5:30am! But I gave it a try, and now I have been doing Boot Camps with Chip for over 4 months. They are fast-moving, challenging and fun! I am stronger and more tone than I have ever been. Chip is great at accommodating different fitness levels, working around injuries, and motivating you to push harder than you would yourself. I enjoyed his boot camp so much that I even rounded up a group of friends to get a Leonard/Oxford class going that works better with my schedule — didn’t want to have to give it up!!”

- Doris Gilles

“Thank you for pushing me the last six months; I am hooked on your training. I started at 242lbs and after 5 short months I am 219lbs and have lost more than 10% body fat! It has been great to be surrounded by such a wonderful group of fit minded people. For me 50% of the program is you and the science behind the workouts, 25% is how hard you push yourself and the final 25% is how hard your partner pushes you. I am forever grateful; you have helped me transform my health and lifestyle in such a positive way.”

- Jim Casper

“I met Chip Werner June of 2009. I was in a tough bind because I had opportunities to play professional baseball but was unable to because of a previous shoulder injury. Before meeting Chip, I did a month of physical therapy without any progress to my throwing shoulder. Chip then laid out a detailed plan of how we were going to get me back on the playing field and doing what I love.All our hard work was highlighted when I was invited to 2010 spring training with the Washington Nationals. Without Chip’s training and guidance to get me back in top shape, I wouldn’t have the strength and confidence I now have. My training experience with him was all that I could have asked for. It was very hard at times, but he knew exactly what it would take. He not only coached me and pushed my body to new limits; he was extremely supportive of my goals and aspirations. I am playing professional baseball thanks to Chip.”

-Sam Palace  Catcher: Patomac Nationals (Minor League AAAffiliate of the Washington Nationals)

“Without my trainer, Chip Werner, I would not be as successful as I am today. At first I was unaware of my athletic potential, but with Chip’s workouts I became confident in my athletic abilities. I drastically increased my vertical and gained muscle mass beneficial to my sport, volleyball. I transformed from an ectomorph into a muscle machine. My muscle mass in my legs increased so much that I had to buy a new wardrobe to fit my new muscles.Not only were my legs getting stronger, but so was everything else. When I blocked a volleyball, I could feel the strength in my shoulders that I have never had before. I was touching higher and players had trouble blocking my kills.Not only do I consider Chip my trainer, but also I consider him as one of my friends. I know I can go to him whenever I have a problem or need a little bit of encouragement. He never let me give up on myself, and most importantly he never gave up on me.”

-Katie Murphy Samford University Volleyball
2010 Southern Conference Freshmen Athlete of the Year

“Chip Werner brings with him a high level of knowledge and enthusiasm that our athletes immediately respond to. He is definitely an individual who studies his craft and uses many innovative and effective exercises to take his clients to a new level physically. I have been very pleased with the results that Chip’s involvement in our program has produced. Our athletes have responded very well to his structure and guidance. He has taken my input in everything he has done with our athletes and clearly puts the well-being of our athletes first when he is working with them.I know he would be a great asset to you with his wealth of knowledge and experience.”

-Paul Rice Oakland University
Head Men’s and Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field Coach

“For the last 20-years I have been trained in and then worked professionally in classical and contemporary ballet. I am now ten months removed from my second ACL repair and working with Chip Werner. Weekly he demonstrates precise technique in our sessions, gracefully yet purposefully moving me towards recovery. He is able to push me to my limits during our sessions while maintaining respect and understanding of the needs and goals to again be my best as an athlete and artist. He remains clear and firm, dealing with the unexpected. Chip’s enthusiasm, passion and friendliness are an asset. It is with great pleasure and admiration that I recommend my personal trainer and friend to you.”

- Sara Tull  Professional Dancer  

“Approximately two years ago I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. I realized that I needed to change my lifestyle if I was ever going to be able to achieve my goal of getting off diabetes medications. My friend invited me to join Chip’s fitness boot camp. When I arrived at the first class, it took every ounce of courage I had to actually leave my car and join the others. It was painfully obvious just by their appearances that the athletic ability of the current participants was light-years out of my league. These were true athletes that Chip was working with and it had been minimally 3 years since I had done any exercise at all. Chip made me feel immediately at ease. He delivers a program that challenges each and every person who is in it, regardless of their athletic ability. Within 6 months after joining Chip’s program, I am happy to report that I have not only lost weight, but I have been successful in being taken off all diabetes medications. My A1C levels have dropped from a level of 9.8 all the way down to 5.4 – which is considered a normal level for a non- diabetic. I am confident that without Chip’s programs, I would not have been able to achieve these life goals. I have, and will continue, to recommend Chip and his programs to all of my friends.”

- Wendy Hopper

“Chip Werner has been more than I could ask for as a trainer. He has helped me overcome physical and mental barriers that I did not know I could surpass. Last fall I suffered a shoulder injury resulting in surgery. I was hesitant to go through with the procedure as I already endured one surgery and was fearful of my recovery. Chip was there with me every step of the way from seeing the doctor to the day of the surgery to reassure me of a full recovery and still improve my tennis game. Sure enough, I have had one of the most successful summers of my tennis career winning my most recent Midwest tournament.”

- Natasha Dabrowski

“I always thought Chip was a good trainer, but since earning my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, I have been able to appreciate the true depth of his knowledge base. I attribute my injury-free buildup in my first marathon to the strength training program Chip designed for me. He understands the body as a kinematic chain and incorporates principles of core stability, balance and multi-planar movement into all of his training. I learned how to run better, not just to run longer, and in the years since my first marathon with Chip I have become the proud finisher of five triathlons, seven half- marathons, and a second marathon. I recommend Chip whole-heartedly as a coach of athletes, recreational exercisers, and anybody else who wants to become a better version of themselves.”

- Courtney C. Pasiak, DPT, PT

“This past Spring I was invited by a friend to consider joining the Starting Line Track Club. The concept was for adults to have the opportunity to have a track experience and achieve a personal goal. That was how I met Coach Chip Werner. I have been a casual runner for many years and competed in an occasional 5k race over that time. I always wanted to run a 10k race and if possible in a “respectable” time. It just never seemed to happen. Chip and the strength & conditioning program he had me follow enabled me to achieve my goal and much more. The program not only improved my overall body strength and condition, it helped me avoid injury. The program emphasized the importance of activating my muscles appropriately before running and showed me the necessity/benefits of cross training. Chip’s positive approach and supportive style kept me going and pushed me to my limit. The program gave me the confidence to run my first 8k in the Crim Festival of Races followed by my first 10k in the Run Wild For The Detroit Zoo. The best part was I ran those races knowing I had properly trained for them. The second best part was my race times put me in first place in my age group at both races. That was an unexpected bonus. I would highly recommend Chip and Starting Line. Chip understands why you run, how to train you to run better and how to keep you running.”

- Patty M.