Boot Camp


startingline_fitness_bootcampThe class that started it all! Coach Chip Werner has spent years developing his proven approach to core, cardio and strength conditioning in this 60-minute challenge based format. Every class is an opportunity to experience an individualized workout in a group environment as Coach Chip works with you, gearing the intensity to match your goal and current fitness level.

The routine incorporates dynamic warm up movement to prevent injury, cardiovascular health and strength conditioning. Heartpumping cardiovascular drills include walking, jogging, jump rope and agility drills. Core conditioning exercises target the critical 29-muscles that support and stimulate every movement of the body and unique strength conditioning drills such as med ball throws, battling ropes, sled pulls, tire flipping and kettlebell swings are added to challenge the mind and body by performing real life drills.

Every class focuses the following:

  • Endurance: increased repetitions to boost muscular endurance
  • Power: traditional power lifts such as clean, deadlifts, squats, presses and pull-ups
  • Tabata: timed interval training…it’s you against the clock
  • TRX: use your body like a machine in this wicked suspension training workout
  • Strength: build real strength in this original boot camp workout
  • Agility: who says you can’t be an adult athlete? This class is one of a kind with agility cones, hurdles, ladders, box jumps, battling ropes and sprints.

The end result is a 60-minute workout leaving you fulfilled.

Boot Camp 6-Week Packages

18-Sessions  $195 ($10.83 / session)
12-Sessions  $145 ($12.08 /  session)


All sessions expire at the end of 6-week enrollment and cannot be carried over to another enrollment. Clients are invited to attend other classes within the 6-week enrollment period if they are unable to attend their regularly scheduled class.

Monthly Billing

Unlimited Boot Camp        $160 ($9 / session)
12-Sessions                      $120 ($9 / session)
8-Sessions                        $85 ($10.63  / session)
4-Sessions                        $45 ($11.45 / session)

Dues are drafted on the 1st of each month. All sessions expire at the end of the month and cannot be applied to another package. Clients attending additional sessions will be billed a flat rate of $10/session on the billing cycle. (3 month minimum commitment required.)

* Single Sessions $15
* For your convenience a monthly payment can be electronically drafted from bank account.