If you are looking to improve your golf swing, get into a new sport or just feel great and gain life balance, Starting Line Health & Fitness has a Fitness Program for you. Review the array of classes and specific program details designed with your overall health in mind then register for a class, give us a call or drop in! Don’t forget to check back in with us or sign up for our newsletter to make sure to get the latest information about classes and schedules.


  • Boot Camp: 60 minute challenge based program that challenges every part of your body — core, cardio & mental — resulting in peak body and mind performance fit for life. Learn More.
  • Row Fit: If you are looking for an effective aerobic workout with an all over body conditioning, low impact, and highly efficient calorie burning activity, then this class if for you.
  • Olympic Lift: Done properly the Olympic Lift is the safest form of resistance training that uses your entire body, promoting a quick way to strengthen every muscle quickly and efficiently. In addition, it improves cardiovascular performance and, let’s face it, when done correctly, it looks downright cool and is sooooo much fun!
  • Power & Performance: Class includes power lifting, sprint workouts and agility drills. Athletes will see an increase in overall strength while learning how to rapidly change direction. This class is ideal for volleyball, football, baseball and hockey.
  • Speed & Agility: Broken into five (5) stages this program focuses on the relationship of each stage to the individual athlete. Learn More.
  • Group Conditioning: Want to get fit for life in a fun, encouraging environment? Then this class is for you. As our coaches lead you through a series of exercises to strengthen your entire body, you will feel your mind and spirit grow as you share this experience with your peers.
  • Youth Development: Get in the game with this introduction to conditioning for ages 10-13. Class includes proper warm up, speed, agility, endurance and body-weight strength exercises. All participants will learn proper running technique in this program.

View the class schedule or get more information about our Boot Camp, Sports Performance, Race Coaching,  Private Training, and Corporate Health & Wellness programs.  And don’t forget to view the latest News & Events our clients participate in now and in the future.