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Whatever your fitness goals, Starting Line Health and Fitness (SLHF) helps you reach them. Our core principles focus on you, the client, with attention and understanding of not just your fitness goals but your personality and how to target our program to you for the best results. Our coaches are skilled in building a goal-oriented program that anticipates road blocks. At SLHF you are assured a training program designed to push you to your limits during the session and allow you to recover as quickly as possible. We believe that your workout should compliment your life not control it.
You are in the driver's seat and your experience with SLHF begins with an evaluation designed to create a road map to success. You and your trainer will determine the projected outcome or the training program and set the plan to action.

The Buzz About Starting Line Health and Fitness

• It's a luanching platform for those who want more form Health & Fitness
• Client loses 40lbs and finds improved body composition in six months!
• Mother gets energy and confidence from SLHF program.
• Athletes are trained as a whole person with focus on both physical & mental preparedness.

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